Further Readings

 Readings from Past Seminars

L. Gregory Appelbaum1,2, Julia E. Schroeder1,3, Matthew S. Cain1,3 and Stephen R. Mitroff1,3* Improved Visual Cognition Through Stroboscopic Training (click PDF in the right column to download full paper)

Borch-Jacobsen, Mikkel. Lacan: The Absolute Master. trans. Douglas Brick, Stanford University Press 1991. (In Place of an Introduction)

Lenoir, Timothy. “The Eye as Mathematician: Clinical Practice, Instrumentation and Helmholtz’s Construction of an Empiricist Theory of Vision”

Lenoir, Timothy. “Helmholtz and the Materialities of Communication”

Lenoir, Timothy. “Operationalizing Kant—Manifolds,Models, and Mathematics in Helmholtz’s Theories of Perception”

Lenoir, Timothy. “The Politics of Vision: Optics, Painting, and Ideology in Germany, 1845-95”

Sawyer Seminar Thematic Bibliography (partially annotated) – Read-only Google Doc in progress and updated periodically

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