Related Event – Brendan Allison’s ECE Seminar April 10th at 2:45pm

On Tuesday, April 10th at 2:45pm in CIEMAS, Schiciano Auditorium Side BBrendan Allison, Ph.D. (Institute for Knowledge Discovery, Laboratory of Brain Computer Interfaces Graz University of Technology , Austria) will give the ECE Seminar “Talking from the front of the head: The changing face of “P300” BCIs“.

P300 BCIs have been prevalent in BCI research for almost 25 years. Until very recently, all P300 BCIs relied on the canonical “flash” paradigm, in which users count each time a target letter flashes. Different research groups have recently shown that P300 BCIs function better when characters move, change color, change to faces, or change in other ways. These manipulations generally do not enhance the P300 as much as other components of the ERP, such as the N200 or N400. Hence, so-called “P300” BCIs will probably look significantly different in the next few years. The canonical flash approach is dying, which is a major change in the dominant paradigm.

Refreshments provided.  Hosted by Leslie Collins.

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