Related Event – Film, Light, Vision: Experimental and Avant-Garde Cinema, March 27th at 7pm

On March 27th, from 7pm-9:30pm at the Varsity Theatre – 123 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 – Film, Light, Vision: Experimental and Avant-Garde Cinema – In Conjunction with the Scott C. Richmond Sawyer talk and screening of Tony Conrad’s The Flicker (1966) on Thursday, March 1st at 5:30pm

A program of select 16mm experimental and avant-garde films that explore the materialities of cinema (film, light, projection, screen) and the modalities of vision. This program is curated and presented by graduate students in the departments of Comparative Literature, English, and German and by Dr. Inga Pollmann (UNC-Chapel Hill, German).

Sponsored by the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literature at UNC and the Sawyer Seminar Phenomenology, Minds & Media at Duke.

List of films:
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Lightplay Black-White-Gray, 1930, 5:15, b&w, silent
Len Lye, Free Radicals, 1958/1979, 4:00, b&w, sound
Brakhage, Commingled Containers, 5min, color, silent
Frampton, Lemon, 7:30, color, silent
Richter, Filmstudie, 3:45, b/w, sound
Tscherkassky, Outer Space, 10min, b/w, sound
Emshwiller, Thanaptosis, 5min, b/w, sound
Conner, Looking for Mushrooms, 4min, color, sound
Anger, Eaux d’artifice, 13min, color, sound
Baillie, Castro Street, 10min, color/b/w, sound

The Ackland Film Forum is made possible through the generous support of the Carolina Parents Council and Ruby Lerner.

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