Talk by Scott C. Richmond and screening of Tony Conrad’s The Flicker (1966) on Thursday, March 1st at 5:30pm

On Thursday, March 1st from 5:30pm-7:30pm in the Richard White Auditorium on Duke University’s East Campus, Scott C. Richmond  (Film Studies, Wayne State University) will give the presentation, “Aesthetics Beyond the Phenomenal: Tony Conrad’s The Flicker” in concert with a rare screening of Tony Conrad’s The Flicker (1966).

Coffee and afternoon refreshments will be served.

Dr. Richmond is Assistant Professor of Film Studies in the Department of English at Wayne State University. His research interests include film and media theory, phenomenology, queer film culture and history, and avant-garde and experimental cinema. His current book project, Cinema as Media: Perception, Technology, Illusion argues for a phenomenological and media-theoretical understanding of the cinema as a perceptual, rather than representational, technology. His work has appeared in World Picture and Postmodern Culture.

Conrad’s 30 minute film, The Flicker is “notorious.” As the Canyon Cinema catalog notes, “it moves audiences into some space and time in which they may look around and find the movie happening in the room there with them.” A truly cinematic work, The Flicker cannot be viewed on DVD and may only be seen on 16mm film.

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